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This pressure transmitter's industry-leading stability and accuracy can be applied across many points reducing maintenance, variability ; complexity.

Make pressure measurements up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) in harsh conditions with this light-weight high static differential pressure transmitter.

This seal system measures level and pressure in extreme temperature conditions while improving response time and eliminating heat tracing.

Measure differential pressure, static pressure, temperature and more with the Rosemount line of MultiVariable Transmitters. Learn more today!

Reduce complexity, using one device across many applications with the enhanced stability and accuracy of the Rosemount 3051 pressure transmitter.

With good stability, this wireless pressure transmitter uses WirelessHART protocol to deploy new pressure, flow and level measurements.

This inline pressure transmitter is reliable and accurate in a light-weight, compact package.

Improve batch repeatability and measurement reliability with this robust hygienic pressure transmitter and meets IP 67/68 and 69k material standards.

The Rosemount 2090F Pressure Transmitter conforms to 3-A® Sanitary Standards, designed for hygienic applications.

This pressure transmitter, available with flush mount connections, provides compact size and rugged construction making it ideal for pulp and paper applications.

The Rosemount 4600 pressure transmitter is compact, reliable, and designed to meet your panel-mount pressure measurement needs.

The Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable HART Transmitter delivers unprecedented performance and capabilities by providing three separate measurements in one simple, easy-to-use solution.

The Rosemount 4088A MultiVariable Modbus Transmitter delivers superior measurement performance, while offering seamless integration to your flow computer using Modbus protocol.

The DP Flow Guide is your go-to resource for DP Flow Measurement questions about theory, applications, and installation.

Emerson Process Management, the undisputed leader of industrial instrumentation, proudly provides the broadest array of pressure measurement products for pressure, flow and level applications.

The patented shape of the Annubar primary element offers best-in-class Flowmeter performance, flexibility, reliability and more advantages that save time and money. Find out how!

Rosemount's Conditioning Orifice Flowmeters deliver unprecendented performance and eliminates the need for long straight pipe runs. Learn more today!

Rosemount Compact Annubar Flowmeters combine the benefits of the 405 platform and Annubar technology by providing easy installation and lowering energy costs.

Rosemount Integral Orifice Flowmeters deliver highly accurate measurement in small line sizes (1/2in to 1-1/2in) by easing installation and eliminating sources of error. Learn how today

Rosemount Compact Orifice flowmeters easily install between existing flanges for reliable and accurate flow measurement for gas, liquid and steam applications. Find out how!

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